Pinot and Painting Parties, Yoga, and more!

When we talk about family owned and operated we mean that everyone gets involved. If you come
Ashley LaVelle teaching Yoga for Beginners
out for a vineyard tour during the week (and even sometimes on the weekends) your tour guide will quite possibly be myself (Winemaker Matthew) or my Dad Doug LaVelle. If you come out on Saturday nights or to one of our Wine Club Pickup Parties you'll more than likely meet my Mom Sherry LaVelle or have some of her food creations. If you enjoy a cheese and fruit plate on a Saturday Night that was prepped by my daughter Maggie. My Dad also hosts a juke box music event series in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We all pitch in around here to make sure that your experience is one of a kind and that you feel like you're part of the family. For the last several years my wife Ashley has been doing her painting parties at the Wine Bar. She's getting ready to add to that some yoga classes and an origami class called Sip & Fold. From picking grapes in the vineyard during harvest to sipping on wine while creating your own personal masterpiece my family is quite involved in our business.

She's my wife so I'm a little bias but we have had quite a few customers say that she is amazing. I'll go ahead and say it...she's amazing! And she's adding to the amazing with a couple of new offerings this year. First, the yoga. Yoga and wine is not a new idea. Wineries and breweries have been promoting the idea for quite some time. Ashley will differ in her knowledge of teaching. She doesn't care if this is your first or 10,000th yoga class. She likes everyone to go at their own pace and understands that we are all our own beautiful but different snowflakes.

In the next few weeks alone we'll be hosting lots of events with family members. Check our Facebook Page for the times and dates and come join us!


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