Top Local Wineries via the Register Guard

I'm excited to announce that local residents of Eugene have voted LaVelle Vineyards as the number
two winery in the local area. For the last several years we have come in third or off the list entirely. I feel like the tide is shifting for us with our newest amendments at the winery. We've added three outdoor fire pits, the new LaVelle Loft seating area that effectively expanded our indoor seating area to over 40 people and is temperature controlled year round.

We're also starting a whole series of new events this year brought to us by Fawn, our Wine Club Manager. In chronological order we've expanded our Cherry Blossom Festival to the last TWO weekends in April this year. Fawn has ten local vendors scheduled for each weekend along with live music and food trucks for all four days of the weekends. In May we're partnering with another local chocolatier and having J. Scott Cellars in for a guest pouring over Mother's Day Weekend. Then when the summer hits we'll be doing vineyard tours seven days a week, live music and food trucks on Saturday nights, and some fun new events like yoga, a walk in the vineyard, a Pinot Noir blending party, painting parties, and more!

It's an exciting time for our company as we roll out this new format of events for your pleasure. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to ask.


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